Head coach, players speak ahead of AFL draws

Finidi George and his players have been eagerly waiting to know who their opponents will be when the draws of the African Football League are conducted.

The Confederation of African Football announced earlier in the week that the draws for the novel competition of Africa’s biggest clubs will hold in Cairo on Saturday.

While waiting for the draws to know who the People’s Elephant will be drawn against, Finidi George, Eze Ekwutoziam, Anthony Okachi and Adiele Eriugo took turns to reveal their expectations.

Finidi George
“I am happy that the draws are coming early enough, which we give us enough time to prepare, because it is when you know the team that you are facing that you’ll know exactly how to tactically prepare.

“I don’t want to give so much thought to what is not under my control. The draws are not under my control and I cannot determine who we will face, so I don’t want to think about it. All I will do is wait, then we’ll see what team it is.”

Eze Ekwutoziam
“We can’t wait to know who we are facing in the inaugural African Football League. We have put the disappointment of the Champions League behind us and we are now working towards the AFL and I believe we are going to put up a good outing, no matter who we meet.

“The competition is going to be a great opportunity for us to show what we got, so we are lookin forward to draws and we are ready to tackle any team given to us.”

Anthony Okachi
“I am hoping that we have a good draw because this is a special competition for us. We are all proud to be part of it and we are waiting to see what the draw brings.

“All we can do on our part is get prepared. We can’t control who we will face, so we just have to wait and be ready for any team that comes.”

Eriugo Adiele
“I am overwhelmed the be part of one of the teams that will participate in the first edition of the African Football League.

“We are not expecting an easy draw because all the teams in the African Football League are like the best of the best in Africa so we are not expecting draw. There is no easy draw so we are looking forward to whatever comes.

“What I can say is that we will be ready, no matter what. We are waiting to see how it goes.”

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