The management of Enyimba FC has observed with disgust the unguarded utterances of some of its fans who have resorted to the use of denigratory expressions on the League Management Company and its leadership following Sunday’s unfortunate incident in Bauchi

As much as fans cannot be denied the right to express their views and opinions on rising issues – especially when it has to do with the safety of their team – same expressions must be toned with respect, decorum and civility.

The unfortunate scenes that were witnessed in Bauchi are condemnable, and while Enyimba FC recognises the disapproval of its supporters of such barbaric acts, adding abusive voices to it only further fuels an already raging inferno.

The League Management Company has always maintained a tough stance against hooliganism, violence and incidents that threaten the integrity of the Nigeria Professional Football League, and there is no doubt that the LMC will not hold back in clamping down on the perpetrators of Sunday’s shameful act in Bauchi.

Enyimba FC therefore wishes to advise its supporters not to be overcome by emotions and to always weigh the choice of words when reacting to rising issues pertaining to the growth and development of Nigerian football.



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  1. Oladimeji Adeoye

    This should immediately get to LMC. They will be treated and handled like Dakadda were this season.

  2. Chinedu Otutubuike

    Good write up and reaction of Enyimba fc management is very important.

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