As HamKam enters into a partnership with the Nigerian top club Enyimba FC

As we have previously written about, a delegation from HamKam was down in Nigeria on a club visit in February this year. There, the club was received in a fantastic way, and the impressions were formidable.

Jørgen Bjørn and Chris Twiddy brought Leon Bardacki and Prince down to Aba in Nigeria to get to know Enyimba FC and their academy.

Enyimba FC is a top club in Nigeria and on the African continent, and is currently in 4th place in the Nigerian Premier League, just three points behind the leaders with nine games left in the season.

To hamkam.no, the chief scout explains what the purpose of the collaboration is.

The purpose is to create a good collaboration that gives both clubs positive ripple effects. HamKam will help Enyimba build up the structure of their club, especially at youth level. We will assist them in the form of us traveling down to Nigeria twice a year and holding training sessions with their teams. When we are there, we will also hold lectures on various academic topics such as methodology, physical training recovery and other important things.

Visits and hospitalization

Kanu and his people will visit us annually. Players from Enyimba will be allowed to host with our A team and G19. We hope we can get more good players through this collaboration, concludes a satisfied Bjørn.


Well-known club chairman

Nwankwo Kanu, cult hero and Arsenal legend with a past playing for Ajax, Inter, West Brom and Portsmouth, among others, is Enyimba’s club chairman. The right-footed forward earned over 80 caps for his country before hanging up his boots in 2012. Kanu can boast a number of titles throughout his time playing at the very highest level.

Kanu and his delegation from Enyimba FC visited HamKam and Norway this week. They were given a tour of the club’s facilities and an agreement was signed linking the clubs together in a collaboration. Jørgen Bjørn is delighted with the agreement which will link the clubs together and hopefully cultivate new top players and experience.

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  1. Kan U believe it? It’s working. My Chairman is making us proud

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