Player by Player: Enyimba vs Ahly Benghazi

After watching Enyimba hold strong to beat Libyan side Al Ahly Benghazi to secure the first three points of the Confederation Cup group A, here is my assessment of the players as they performed on the day.

John Noble 6.8

John Noble, the Oliver Twist of Enyimba airways wants some more, and his fine performances have compelled Fatai Osho to willingly oblige him.

Still basking in the euphoria of his first call up to the Super Eagles, the keeper duly justified national team invitation each time he was called upon.

Though he had a forced honey moon in majority of the match periods, he conceded a penalty goal, which could have beaten any keeper; yet made some good saves. An above par performance from the well improved keeper. 

Stanley Okorom – 7 

Stanley was a surprised inclusion in Coach Fatai’s list but truly had a good game. He was seen making good runs to cut out most attacking runs of the opponents, made some good pull outs which were not utilise by the attackers and never showed signs of match rustiness.

Imo Obot – 6.5 

Imo showed some signs of fatigue and rustiness, made some slow runs to the irritation of Coach Osho. Made some short passes that would’ve caused harm. But on the whole good game. 

Anthony Omaka – 7

Omaka was excellent in the middle for Enyimba, always strong and purposeful in his moves upfront. Made some excellent tackles to check mate his opponents’ constant oppressions on our defense line. 

Nelson Ogbonna – 6.5

In his usual calm and calculated nature, Nelson was solid in defence for Enyimba, making sure Noble was secured in post for Enyimba. Made some frantic clearances to keep the scoreline favourable for Enyimba.

Hassan Abubakar – 6.8 

Hassan recovered quickly to make the list in today’s match, haven been stretched out in Ozoro in the 1-1 draw against Warri Wolves. He was seen giving Nelson and Okorom the needed back up, in their quest to make some forays upfront.

Anayo Iwuala – 7

Always the cynosure of all eyes, Anayo was awesome in his runs, did a lot to run down the defence line of the Libyans. Struck some good free kicks, one leading to the winning goal.

Dayo Ojo – 6.8

After being left out of the starting list in Ozoro, Ojo was given the nod again Ahly Benghazi. He made some fine dribbling runs, but was always checkmated by the Libyans, he also made some good passes to Victor Mbaoma.

Victor Mbaoma – 7 

The reliable striker was listed in today’s game and in his usual way, delivered when it mattered most by scoring the winning goal from the keeper’s spill. Easy to say that he secured Enyimba’s victory.

Samson Obi – 7.5

Obi was a late inclusion in Coach Fatai’s list and the striker proved a handful for Al Ahly’s defence, always dribbling through to cause havoc for the Libyans, but the Libyans were able to checkmate him, knowing fully well, he was a terror. Obi showed courage and strength in this fixture.

Austin Oladapo – 7.5

Austin was in his usual good frame of mind in this fixture, scored a beautiful goal that could only come from the boots of Austin Oladapo. His goal was an astonishment to the Libyans, and forced Coach Fatai to an applause. CAF will surely use Oladapo’s goal as a monument. Good game from the midfielder. 

Orok Gabriel – 6

Though sent on as a late substitute, Orok was able to stamp his feet in the game. His runs were out of this world. He never showed sign of fatigue or fright from the adventures of the Libyans. An above average performance from Orok.

Cyril Olisema – 6

He was also introduced in the matter stages of the game but tried to make his presence felt. He equally made some impressive runs to help the defence line. Good game from the mercurial midfielder.

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