“Strange, uncharacteristic of the team”

Fatai Osho has been reacting to a difficult result in Katsina on matchday 27 of the Nigeria Professional Football League.

Enyimba lost 3-1 to Katsina United at the Muhammadu Dikko Stadium on Sunday evening, and expectedly, Osho was not quite pleased with the performance.


“It’s quite strange, it’s uncharacteristic of the team. We saw a whole lot of them (the players) walking off the ball. We gave a whole lot space to the opponents and you don’t do that in football. We were not covering our grounds very well, a lot of loose players who were there and we could have been a bit tidy getting close to them.”


“We looked a bit lazy in that first forty-five minutes. We just had to make quick changes immediately after the first forty-five minutes. We could have made the changes much easier but we were looking at the players if they could respond but unfortunately they couldn’t. 

“Those goals were giveaways just a simple reaction to those balls, we were not seeing people covering spaces in time, we gave too much space and any team could have beaten us in that first forty-five minutes.”

Osho also believes that scoring early in the second half could have been the turning point of the team.

“I think that should have been the rallying point but we were playing against a very physical Katsina United team. They thrived more on their strength and they put it to great use. You can’t fault them on that. But we could have done better. 

“We had chances in all but we were unfortunate not to convert. We had two other (chances), if one had gone in we could have been looking at how we would level the game and see what happens but those two chances in succession were lost and that did not really help our cause.”

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