ES Setif vs Enyimba: press conference recap

Ahead of today’s Confederation Cup fixture against ES Setif at the Stade du 8 Mai 1945, the Enyimba head coach Fatai Osho and captain Austin Oladapo were brought to field questions from the media at a live press conference

Here is the full transcript of what was said at the presser.


“The travel was long, bearing in mind the present situation  of the corona virus all around the world which is not peculiar to Nigeria or Algeria alone. 

“We had to go to Qatar and then from there all the way to Algiers, from Algiers we had to use the bus in a four and a half hour trip to Setif which is a really tasking journey, but then, we’ve been able to recover, we had our rest, today we had a good rest and tomorrow we will have some rest also before we play the match by tomorrow evening. But I must tell it’s not been an easy journey at all.”


“Their (ES Setif’s) position also, I want to believe they are not that comfortable. I believe strongly that they deserve more than where they are, looking at the standard of their play, but unfortunately they find themselves in that position. 

“They will like to come out of it and one of the avenues of coming out of that situation that they are in is to do well against us and we are quite aware of that. 

“On our part, we want to qualify also. We know a result here will give us the opportunity to get close to a quarterfinal ticket, it’s not going to be easy but I think we’re ready for the task.”


“We know tomorrow’s game is going to be a very big one for us. We have a positive mindset we’re coming here to play. Tomorrow, we just want to get a very good result that will give us hope to qualify from the group stage. 

“The Setif side is a very good team, they play very well, but we’ve seen them play and we’ve worked on ourselves and we’ll give a good account of ourselves. We’re enjoying the place the weather is good and the environment is lovely and by tomorrow we’ll express ourselves the more.

“Our main objective now is for us to qualify from the group stage and I think we are halfway there, and tomorrow’s game will speak better for us at the end of the day. After then our next objective will be to qualify all through to the final.”

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